What is a headline that I could write for a newspaper about negative effects of the Industrial Revolution?

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The Industrial Revolution is still going on. It chief feature is machines putting workers out of jobs. An earlier effect of the Industrial Revolution was for woolen mills in England to be replacing craftsmen who did hand-weaving on their own looms in their homes. There was a conspiracy among some weavers to sabotage the machinery. They were called the Luddites, if I remember correctly. You could have an old-fashioned newspaper headline reading simply:  WORKERS RIOT! Since the Industrial Revolution is continuing, it would not be false to print a headline reading: MORE LAYOFFS FORECAST!

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In order to come up with a headline about the negative effects of the Industrial Revolution, you must first think about what those impacts were.  In general, the Industrial Revolution led to two major types of problems.  It led to workers having to do their jobs for low wages in bad conditions and it led to workers crowding together in squalid conditions in the slums that arose as urbanization occurred.  You should imagine specific problems that could have come from these developments and write headlines for them.  Two possible examples would be:

  • 10 Die in Industrial Accident
  • Crime Rates Rise in City Slums
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