How does this work for solving equations and formulas: ax-b= c for x I'm having problems with my algebra 1 work. I just don't understand it.

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mgyoung eNotes educator| Certified Educator

ax-b = c 

Follow the same steps you would for following regular equations.  Since the opposite of - b is + b, start by adding b to both sides.

ax - b + b = c + b

ax = c + b

Now since x is being multiplied by a, do the opposite and divide both sides by a

(ax)/a = (c + b)/a

x = (c + b)/a

efranklin30 | Student


1. The goal is to get x on a side of the = by itself. 

2. In the original equation we have ax-b so to get the b on the other side of the = we have to +b.

3. That then gives us the equation ax=c+b

4. Next we have to remember that ax isa multiplication problem of a times x. So to get a to the other side we will have to divide both sides by a.

5.we then get x=(c+b)/a

chaobas | Student

Now we have the given equation as 

ax-b= c


[adding b on both side we have]


[dividing both side by a, we get]


x= (c+b)/a


so the value of x is (c+b)/a

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here is one more in solving equations and formulas

15x + 1 = y for x

neela | Student

To solve a problem like ax-b=c for x, we normally have to go through the following steps.

Here a, b and c are numbers and x is an unknown oa variable.

ax-b=c is the equation to solve.

Add b to both sides.




Divide by a both sidesby a:

ax/a= (c+b)/a

x=(c+b)/a or

x=(b+c)/a is the solution.

Example : Solve 10x- 20 = 30.

Follow the above steps:

Add 20 to both sides.

10x-20+20 =30+20


10x=30+20 or


Divide both sides by 10 :



x=5. So x=5 is the solution of 10x-20=30 by following the above steps.