Im having a bit of trouble in biology remebering indapendent and dependant variable and control group and constant variables.... can someone please help me!!???

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pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You are not the only one who has trouble with this, believe me! In an experiment, there are always at least two groups of subjects, the control group and the experimental group. The control group has, for the purpose of the experiment, nothing done to them. The experimental group does have something done to them by the experimenter. What is done to the experimental group is the independent variable. The dependent variable changes in response to the independent variable, in other words because the experiment is happening.

So, the Control group is In Control -they are not having anything done to them.

The Experimental group is being Experimented On -they are experiencing whatever the scientist has manipulated.

The Independent Variable is what takes away the Experimental group's independence -it is something that is being done to them.

The Dependent Variable depends on the experiment - otherwise it wouldn't exist.