I'm going into high school and I want to know what to expect with school work and social things. Do the senior girls really throw you in the trash?I'm going into high school and I want to know what...

I'm going into high school and I want to know what to expect with school work and social things. Do the senior girls really throw you in the trash?

I'm going into high school and I want to know what to expect with school work and social things. Do the senior girls really throw you in the trash?

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Susan Hurn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Congratulations on becoming a high school student! I wish you much success and hope that you will enjoy your years there. I have taught in a rural high school with 189 students and in an urban school with 3,200 students. Big difference! However, I've noticed many similarities. 

Your teachers are there to help you. Nobody expects you to know all the answers or to perform perfectly. Don't be afraid to ask questions or get some help. Teachers love it when their kids ask questions; it shows that they are interested and trying to learn. Asking a question doesn't mean that you are "dumb." Every time you ask a question, you can bet there are at least 5 other students in the room who don't know either and are glad you asked. 

Everybody needs a friend. If you feel lonesome or left out, look around. You are not alone. There will be other students who feel as you do. If you have an opportunity to work in teams or to work with a partner, do that. Helping others in class is a good way to make new friends. I found students in both of the schools I mentioned to be generally friendly and helpful to each other. Some were very shy, but they came around when someone else reached out to them.

Don't be absent if you can possibly avoid it. If you are in class every day, you won't get lost or get behind. You will know what's going on! Take notes in class, keep a planner or datebook to help you stay organized, follow directions, and turn in all your work on time, even if you think it isn't "perfect." If you don't understand the directions, again, ask.

Get involved in some school activities: Find a sport or a club or an activity that you will enjoy. You don't have to be the best to participate. You don't have to be a star. Just take part and have fun. You will make some new friends and feel that you are really a part of your school. 

If a serious problem develops at school, go find a "grown-up" right away! Wherever you go to high school, there will be teachers, counselors, and principals who will be ready and able to help you. These are adults who love young people and who have chosen to spend their lives working with them, trying to help them succeed and make their lives better. You don't have to struggle alone with any problem you might have.

That's all I've got! I hope it is helpful to you. Again, congratulations, and don't be afraid. The fact that you wrote to eNotes shows that you are taking charge of your future. Good for you. You will do well!


sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Everyone's high school is different - the best thing to do would be to talk to your guidance counselor at school, as he/she will know about your specific school.  However, I can tell you some basic things.

The classes you will take in high school will include math, history, science, and english.  You will likely have more homework than you do now, but it will vary depending on your teacher and the difficulty level of your course.  If you take an honors class, you will have more homework, but you will be doing more challenging work and learning more.  You should also have the chance to take classes in some other subjects that interest you, such as art and computers and business. 

Social things.  There are likely to be cliques, and you might find yourself moving in and out different groups of friends.  It is hard, but be yourself and choose friends that are important to you personally, and you should be happy.  I can't guarantee you that senior girls won't pick on you, but I can say that every school has the rumor about the upperclassmen throwing the younger classmen in the trash/toilet/locker and it is just exaggeration.  Try not to worry!

M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator


You will always find someone to socialize with, and you might be surprised to see that High School, in general, might be a bit more challenging because its your foundation for college, but it is also more interesting: You will have a chance to take more elective courses, you will find a more varied group age-range wise; you will have opportunities to find yourself, to network, and to create new chances for success.

As you discover high school, you will also go through a maturity spurt which happens usually from age 13-17 (late middle school, high school)and you will enter one way, and leave a completely different person.

Nobody is going to throw u in the trash. Feel happy to experience this great change. I loved my high school years MUCH MORE than Middle School and then I loved College even more. Enjoy it! Take advantage of every program, after school club, elective course! You will be too busy to bother with the social part, in fact, it will all be part of it.

Don't forget ur school counselor, the guidance counselor, and all the people who will be on your side. Good luck, kiddo! Go get 'em!

amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Every high school experience is different.  The amount of work you can expect is directly compared to the level of classes in which you enroll.  For instance, an all AP-IB-Honors route which prepares you for college will understandably be more strenuous than a class plan that gives you the minimum graduation requirements and prepares you for the work force.

With regard to the social aspect, I doubt that the senior girls will stuff you in a trash receptacle.  While I have heard of hazing and bullying issues in some schools, most do not have serious problems in this area.  Should you experience this, the first thing to do is to report it--go to your teachers, your principals, your school resource officer.

crystaltu001 | Student

There may be some hard times in high school and that is because of the amount of work you get in classes so you might get stressed a couple of times. But there won't be anything that will be super hard or force you do to anything difficult.

sheila123 | Student

Here's an article written by a soon-to-be high school grad, as she reflects on her high school experience:


krishna-agrawala | Student

I have enjoyed reading the advice of David at post # 2. It sounds to me like frank and spontaneous reaction of someone who has recently been through the type of situation about which alliefayce is seeking advice.

I do hope alliefayce will make many friends like David and ajlm2009 (post # 9) in high school

epollock | Student

Although everyone's position might be different, as ahigh school student, you would expect to lay the foundation for not only what college or university you will go but what you will study in college and rest of your life. High School is definitely one of the most tumultuous times a for a student, that one should try to find a certain balance between school and activities, and perhaps a job.

The best advice I would give you is to take as many accelerated or advanced classes as you are capable of handling. Try to take advantage of all the opportunities you can such as doing research, or opportunities to further your study. make enough friends to help each other along the way, and expect a fair amount of study. 

ajlm2009 | Student

The high schools in my area were against, what i think she is reffering to as, "initiation" (being thrown in the trash, etc.).. as for the school work, i did not reaally have a problem with grade 9 academics... i was not really a "good student" either.. but what i do know is , try to enjoy high school to the fullest.. you may not connect with old ... Read morefriends as well, but you will make new friendships that could last a life time.. personally, i found that some of my deeper friendships lasted only with a select few of grade school friends.. not even high school friends.. but the best advice i can give is to just breathe and take it one day at a time!

davidgeorge | Student

this is david im going to be in the 12th grade nxt year. the answer to your question is school work can and cant be a pain if you really try and pay very good attention and the most important thing is to turn in all your work. Socializing is good but not too much only in lunch. just dont get cought up in some stupid drama, its worthless and a waist of time. Senior girls dont throw u in the trash thats crap who ever told u and if they do try to throw u in the trash, well they are pretty much ignorant and childish. and i know this from my point of view.