I'm getting married, and I would like to use one of Shakespeare's quotes/sonnets in my vows. Can you recommend any?? And explain the meaning? this would be a women saying it to a man. i.e me...

I'm getting married, and I would like to use one of Shakespeare's quotes/sonnets in my vows. Can you recommend any?? And explain the meaning?

this would be a women saying it to a man. i.e me saying it to my future husband. I like "shall i compare the to a summers day, but that seems to be more about a man saying it to a women. Thank so much

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Sonnet 116 is a perfect choice for your wedding.  I used it in mine as it seemed to characterize what I believe love to embody.  First, the sonnet suggests that love is constant.  Time changes many things, but if love it true, it can never be altered by time.  Love is a constant that looks on challenges and change and remains firm.  The sonnet also suggests that love is a "star" to a wandering ship.  This is a beautiful image describing the guidance that true love can offer.  When we feel lost or confused, love will be the star that will navigate us through troubled times.  That is an encouraging suggestion considering the challenges that everyone faces in life. 

I wish you the best. 

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Sure, we can help you with that. Personally, I'm fond of Sonnet 116:

It directly addresses marriage, and promises to love true, and to love forever, even as you both age. It too is written from a man to a woman, but the only part that really identifies the speaker as male is the last line:
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

That line can be edited:
I never wrote, nor woman ever loved.

This sonnet is my favorite because it makes love a forever thing, like a star that you use to guide you. That's romantic.

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I feel a little strange bcos the others who hav replied are teachers and yu are probably already married. BUT:

it is suggested that Shakespeares sonnets, from 1 to 126, are written about another male. A young Male in an upper class. The relationship is not clear but it is believed to be a deep and perhaps homosexual attraction. Consummated or otherwise there may have been a better quote for your wedding vows.

Ciao, Student

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It is a very famous quotation of Shakespeare drawn from his master piece comedy. “As you like it”. He compares this world to stage, where on the actors perform their role and retire.
This quotation hides a great philosophy. This world is temporary and in this world you are going to be tied with the bond of marriage. You are actress and see that players are very faithful to their role. You have to be faithful and whatever the writer (God) allots responsible to the wife for her husband. She must be adhered and devotionally and honestly.
It is a temporary world like stage. Spouses are very thirsty. They desire love too much to pass this cruel and material life. You must give each other too much love as you may forget the worries and pass your life with merriment.
I like the persons who extend love to their beloveds and make their life paradise. Whenever, you will repeat this quotation, your mind will automatically be filled with love and your spouse will shower happiness of the world on you as well as you. You must make this quotation as the goal of your life. By willing of Almighty Allah, your life will be better.

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