Discuss how I could go about answering the following question: How would you rate the experiences you had so far in your life in experiencing the diversity in America? Have you been fairly removed from individuals with different experiences, or have you had some encounters? 

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Any answer to this question will require you to engage in some reflective thought.

You need to talk about your own experiences with these diversity and how you personally feel about them. Have you encountered people with divergent experience, perhaps students living with same-sex parents, or Muslim neighbors who experience prejudice and distrust?

You could also address the issue personally.  Simply put, have you experienced what it's like to be an outsider?  This could be deliberate acts of exclusion or insinuations that reflect prejudicial attitudes; overt or covert acts could be a part of your experience. 

The question wants you to ponder the issue of diversity from a personal experience and "rate" the quality and scope of your own experience: Have you led a life that brings you in contact with other people living lives similar to your own or have you lived a life that puts you in contact with people who have lives representative of diverse situations, relationships and circumstances?

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