To Room Nineteen Questions and Answers
by Doris Lessing

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I need discuss Susan's madness in To Room Nineteen.

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It would appear that Susan, the main character in the story, began to lose her mind after she had children, and began to really consider why she married and chose this (the married) lifestyle. The author introduced the concept by describing their marriage as 

Their life seemed to be like a snake biting its tail.

The idea of their marriage was described as a logical matter. However, it was the logical nature of the marriage, and not fully understanding why they were both invested in the marriage, that made Susan start to unravel in her sanity. This notion of the logical marriage appears again when Susan's husband admits to cheating on her. On page 528, Susan explains that Myra Jenkins is no one and should have no significance in their lives. However, Susan cannot shake the feeling of betrayal that she has inside. 

So either the ten years' fidelity was not important, or she isn't (pg. 528).

So it would seem that Susan's inability...

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