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I'm doing a research paper on women in Islam ...! Any topic suggestions idea on how I can make my presentation interesting? What topics should i talk about? How can i make my presentation really fun interesting ? I need 6 topics!

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I appreciate the desire to want to increase the fun level in the paper.  It is sorely needed with research tasks.  However, you might be bound by what you are supposed to do with the task and if it is not stated in the task description, checking with your instructor might be a good thing so that your grade does not become lowered.  I do think that a very interesting element about women in Islam is how the crush of modernity and the modern images of women help in defining one's sense of self within a setting such as Islam.  The most immediate images of women in Islam are ones of oppression and domination.  This is certainly not what the religion intended and exploring how this came about, why it still exists in some reads of the religion, as well as how the modern setting is changing this interpretation might be a really interesting topic.  In a nation such as Iran, where so much of the population is young, this could be a very pertinent topic.  There is a scene from the film, "Syriana," of a party with young people who are Arabic.  One of them, a woman, is shown slipping into a Burqa over her party clothes and then placing her party shoes in a bag.  I was always struck with this image of women in Islam and how it challenges many preconceived notions about it.  I think this might be an interesting opening to employ.

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thanhthao | Student

I used to an assisstant for a Combodian doing this kind of research. Thier beliefs are admirable! "daily prayers", They pray everyday in a certain of time when everyone's home. If anyone cannot come home on time, they can stop anywhere to pray. In Vietnam, they live in a solidary community. Especially, women when getting married have right to stay at their home, they dont have to go to husband's house for living after marriage! In other words, if men want to get married with these women, thay have to leave their home, parents, coming to this community.

Moreover, one of their culture is washing hands carefully before eating and they usaully eat by hand!

dixon349 | Student

I took an International Studies class and come to greatly admire the Islamic culture. What I found fascinating is that Islamic women wear beautiful clothes, wear jewelery, and use cosmetics just as Western women do. Many are well-educated but are not allowed to drive. They have arranged marriages but seem to have satisfying lives. I feel that they deserve so much more credit then society gives them.

Another topic I learned with great interest is the manners of the Islamic people and their regard for the poor.

Their art work includes beautiful calligraphy of verses from the Quran.

I believe that anyone who wanted to learn about the Islamic culture would find these topics interesting.