I'm doing a research paper about bullying, but I need help how to start it. Can you help me please and thank you.

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a good question and an important topic. Let me give you a few thoughts to help you. 

Part of the reason essays are difficult is because people do not have a clear thesis statement. Without a thesis, you will not write a coherent paper. All of this begs the question - what is a thesis?

A thesis is a debatable point that will govern your paper. For example, your thesis might be: bullying is rising in our school. Some would agree, others will disagree. Another possible thesis is: cyber bullying is the most powerful form of bullying. Again this is a debatable topic; some will agree and others will disagree.

In light of this point, think about a thesis. I really like research papers on cyber-bullying. You can talk about Facebook, emails, twitter, and instagram. 

After you choose a thesis, make sure that you have a few points that will prove your thesis or make your thesis cogent to your readers. That is where you will need to do some research. A basic google search (perhaps for news results) is the place to start. For scholarly articles, try your school's databases or Google Scholar.

There are lots of resources out there. Good luck.