I'm doing a project for Of Mice and Men where I have to rewrite an important scene from the point of a minor character. Can you tell me a scene where the narrator talks the most?

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I recommend the scene that has Lennie refraining from hitting Curley in the end of chapter 3. I would choose this because if I was Lennie I think I would have some very strong feelings about what was going on. Presenting something from Lennie's point of view would also offer you the opportunity to report very simplistically.

This is a very crucial scene because it positions two characters in conflict who will end up being central by the end.

There is quite a bit of narration and characterization that occurs there even though there is a bit of dialogue.

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One of the more interesting scenes to complete this assignment might be the scene where Candy's old dog is killed as it foreshadows the novella's ending. During this scene the narrator offers us several glimpses into the differing thoughts and emotions of several of the characters without revealing too much detail. Slim, George, and Candy himself might be interesting points of view to consider.

Comparing this scene against the ending of the novella might also offer some insight into the overall themes at work, particularly if you consider Slim’s unique point of view and his final comments to George at the end.

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