I am doing a debate and I need reasons why government should not provide funding for the homeless. Please help!

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mcalnan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The government is in place to protect us, not to support us. Thus, throughout the beginning of this country, assisting the poor was always a private or communal function. It only became a function of government during the Great Depression when the private sector could no longer afford to help others. In stronger financial times, the government has continued the policies despite the abuse and exploitation of the welfare system.

The government providing for a homeless person would diminish one's interest or motivation to provide for himself. It makes people dependent and encourages entitlement, rather than driving people to excel and be self-reliant.

Finally, helping the homeless doesn't often solve the problem because many homeless individuals are mentally ill. It is this area where the government would be better off in investing. Mental health and/or rehabilitation would better solve the problem.

hayleycora93 | Student

Though I believe that they should- I'll help you out :)

*funding that is already given is often abused
*We need all the money we can get to boost the economy
*Funding could be used for education/ people who can earn a living
*survival of the fittest; why should people who cannot support themselves take from productive members of society?

I hope I gave you some ideas :) Good luck!