I'm doing a biography on Judy Blume.  What would be a good title for the book cover?i also need to make a birth certificate so how can i do that

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rshaffer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe you mean biography, not bibliography.  You might take a look at the notes on "about the author" for which I included a link, but you might call it:  Judy Blume:  A child of suburbia.  She refers to herself with this term.  Or you can use a title from one of her books such as "Are You There World?  It's Me, Judy Blume." Or, "Judith's House" after her book Iggie's House.

As far as a birth certificate, try looking at the templates that Mircosoft Office provides through Word.  I'm sure you can find a template that would work.  You can also get the facts to include on the certificate from the link below.

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