I have a Biology project to do. I need to pick an analogy for a cell. What can I use as an analogy for this project?

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For this project, your teacher wants you to make comparisons between a cell, and some type of an organization. As you know, cells--eukaryotic cells in particular--have various organelles that perform highly specialized tasks. You can make comparisons between the various "jobs" that the organelles do, and the jobs that are done in different types of human organizations. Examples of organizations that could be used for this project could be a factory of some kind, a school, an army--anything where people have highly specialized jobs. The physical part of what you choose can also be used, such as factory walls being a cell membrane, with doors being the proteins that allow larger molecules in and out of a cell. This type of project is usually assigned as either a written report, a poster, or both. To give you a starting point the nucleus, which directs the functions of the cell, could be represented in a factory analogy as the president/CEO, for a school, the principal, or a general if you choose the army as your analogy.

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