I’m analyzing the structure. Are there  special story lines (single, multiple, frame story), main plot, subplot, chronology of events?

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Bradbury wrote "Fahrenheit 451 into three parts which "paralled the stages of Montag's" intellectual journey. In the first part, "The hearth and the Salamander", Montag enjoys his work as a fireman and has just begun to question what he is doing. The brief encounter with Clarisse helps to set up his quest when she asks him if he is happy.
In Part II, " The Sieve and the Sand", Montag has just begun to deviate from society's rules by reading books that he is supposed to burn. He establishes a relationship with Faber and begin to be pulled by two forces, the voice of Faber and the voice of society. By the end of this section, Montag is standing in front of his own house, having been ordered to burn it because his anti-social behavior has been discovered.
In Part III, "Burning Bright", Montag finally decides he must disobey society's rules. He turns the fire hose on Beatty and is relentlessly chased by the Mechanical Hound. After escaping from society, he meets Granger and the "book covers", only to shortly see his former society destroyed bringing a chance to rebuild a thinking society.

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