If I'm in an industrial area how will the land use affect a river in my town ?  

Expert Answers
gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Industrial areas typically suffer from river water pollution due to industrial discharges. Unfortunately, direct discharge of harmful industrial liquids is not the only source of pollution for local water bodies, including rivers, ponds, lakes, etc. Land use has significant impact on water quality in the region. Any solid waste disposed off on the land will ultimately leach out, partially, in the groundwater, from where it will be transported over to the river (since many aquifers are connected to the river and groundwater-river exchange is a continuous process). The remaining part of the solid waste and its leachate may be driven to the river by rainfall runoff. Any liquid waste disposed off on the land or in open drains may suffer the same fate. Agriculture on the neighboring land would be more beneficial to the local water bodies, as most of the contaminants of the industrial waste (solid or liquid) will be consumed by soil bacteria and/or incorporated into the crops (in harmless forms, mostly). Hence land use will significantly affect the river water quality.

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