If I am an adult and want to be a physical therapist, must I take the SAT exam? If so, can an adult take one? Thank you.

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Whether you must take the SAT will depend on where you want to go to school and whether becoming a physical therapist requires a two-year or four-year degree.  Many schools have associate's degree programs and do not require SAT scores at all. If you want to get a bachelor's degree, it is more likely that the SAT will be required.  

There is another college admission test called the "ACT."  Some schools require this instead, and some schools simply ask that you submit either ACT scores or SAT scores.

What you will need to do is investigate the schools in your area to find out whether they offer the kind of program you are interested in.  If one does, then you can simply ask what, if any, test scores are required. If you feel shy about asking, then just request a catalogue and application information. Most schools are happy to send a packet of materials that will answer most of your questions. 

Any adult can take the SAT or the ACT, and you can sign up on-line for either.  There is a cost for each, and you cannot take either test without paying in advance.  Since it has been many years since I have taken the SAT, I do not have any idea what the cost is, but that information will be available on-line, too.

Good luck to you.