Illustrate Tennyson's poem Ulysses as a dramatic monologue.

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In the poem 'Ulysses' by Alfred Lord Tennyson an aging war hero sorrowfully surverys his past glories and the dramatic monologue element of that reminiscence is in the way it is told - as if speaking to another person or persons, to you or any other reader/s. So find an example of that first , to illustrate your point, and quote it.

This poem does seem as if it is spoken by one person to a reader or listener or maybe more. for example  Ulysses explains

"you and I are old"

so it coiuld be a group of his old war heroes in his imagination, or a more local group. We feel as if he is adressing us, when we read the poem, it is conversational in tone. We know it is not a soliloquoy as it seems to be directed at an audience naturally nearby, rather than at a special show or theatre production. It is not like a speech , it is more like a chat, so find examples that put you in mind of this situation.We fel that the poet seems to be making responses to another invisible person or group and as if we are part of that, so you could write about how you feel about the drama, even if this doesn't work for you - as long as you give reasons.


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