Illustrate the differences between evaluating team performance and individual performance.    

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The difference between evaluating a team performance and evaluating an individual's performance lies primarily in the difference in dynamics of measuring a group effort instead of an single person's body of activities.

When evaluating a team's performance, achievement of goals set for the team as a whole is evaluated. Examination of group communication, levels of cooperative effort, application of special abilities by members within the group, and other measures of interaction will be important. Obviously, achievement of sales goals set for the group, establishment of new leads, or whatever specific business goals the group was working to attain will also be evaluated.

When evaluating individual performance, there will not be the need to directly evaluate the person's performance within a group setting. There may still be consideration of the person's ability to interact profitably or to cooperate with others, but the emphasis will be much more strongly focussed upon the person's individual efforts and accomplishments, strengths and areas of concern.