"Ignorance leads to suffering". Bring out the truth of the statement in the short story "A Day's Wait."It must at least 250 words. Thanks for helping.

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This is an interesting essay topic, but I believe 250 words may be a bit excessive. "Ignorance leads to suffering" can certainly be applied to the miscommunication that Schatz suffers during his battle with influenza. Perhaps it is Schatz's father who suffers most from ignorance, not recognizing why his boy is so silent and detached. His decision to withhold the doctor's information from Schatz--that his temperature is 102 degrees--leaves Schatz believing that the end is near. When Schatz asks his father about his specific temperature, the father avoids the issue somewhat--he tells him that it's "something like a hundred." The boy receives little reassurance that he will recover from the father, who becomes bored with the wait and leaves the boy alone while he goes out to hunt. The father is ignorant that the Celsius scale is used at Schatz's school, and Schatz is ignorant of the fact that the doctor's diagnosis is in Fahrenheit. This lack of knowledge leaves Schatz to suffer in silence until the matter is resolved by his father's explanation of the two grades of thermometric measurement. And there is the later lack of understanding by both the father and son about why the boy later cries

"... very easily at little things that were of no importance."

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