Can any teachers make predictions about the IGCSE English May 2015 test?

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are two aspects to this question. The first is whether any teachers might leak "insider information" about specific questions that will appear. For any teacher in possession of this information to leak it would be illegal.

The second aspect to this question is what advice experienced teachers would give you as you prepare for the test. The first is that you should visit the exam website and download previous exams and use them for practice, replicating the exact circumstances of the test (cell phone off, no breaks, etc.). The first reference below has downloadable practice tests.

The main advice most sites give is to pay close attention to the syllabus. In your answers, most examiners will mark you down for mistakes in grammar and spelling, so don't use words unless you are sure of their meaning and spelling. There will be no major changes from last year, and consulting friends who sat the exam earlier should be useful.