If you study at night, why do you remember nothing the next day?

Expert Answers
lynn30k eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is very frustrating to study for a test, think you know the material, and then be unable to recall the information. Teachers will tell students to study, but how to study effectively is the key.

Do not leave all your studying for the night before the test. Each night, review your notes and homework and make sure you understand the material. This way, you have time to ask your teacher clarifying questions if necessary.

Rewrite key points as you study. This is a more active way to engage your brain than simply re-reading material.

For some people, having a study partner is helpful; you can quiz each other. Having the right study partner is key, though — the wrong one can be distracting.

Put yourself in your teacher's place — what are the key concepts you would ask about on a test? This strategy can often help you predict what will be on an exam.

Do not leave too much for the night before the test, and make sure you are well-rested and eat something on test day.

Good luck!