If the story "The Tell-Tale Heart" was a satire, what might be the message that the author wanted to convey?

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Since the purpose of satire is to point out some flaw in the text's subject and, perhaps, inspire some change relative to that flaw, it seems possible that Poe is emphasizing the common fear of death and the lengths to which maintaining such an irrational fear can drive us. Many of us don't really like to consider our own deaths, and the narrator is no exception. When the old man's "vulture eye" begins to remind him of his own mortality, he desperately needs to get rid of it. The eye likely seems "veiled" because the old man has cataracts (a malady associated with old age, and those in old age are nearer to death), and the narrator's description of the eye further links it to death because vultures are associated with death as well.

The narrator insists, again and again, that he is not mad, but it becomes clearer and clearer to the reader that he very much is mad, or at least that he's been driven mad by his need to escape reminders of...

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