If the film Grave of the Fireflies was screened in a Japanese high school today, what messages about children, war, politics, and peace would it convey to this generation of students? How might it be perceived differently in South Korea or the US?

The message that Grave of the Fireflies might convey to modern students is the importance of family and the need to care for others. In this sense, the film resonates with all audiences, regardless of cultural background.

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The power of Grave of the Fireflies lies in its humanity. While the film does not shy away from the popular glorification of the military in imperial Japan, it does contextualize it and foreground the effects of the war on ordinary people. In this sense, although it is very much about how things were like in Japan during the war, it ultimately is about universal human values, particularly the importance of family and the human need to care for others.

Similarly, Setsuko and Seita, while definitely Japanese, are portrayed with...

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