If Harrison Bergeron were allowed to declare himself Emperor, how would he have changed society? Would it have been better, worse, or the same?

Harrison Bergeron would more than likely rule as a cruel despot who would oppress talented citizens not willing to work for his administration. As Emperor, Harrison would take advantage of the current situation by hiring the most talented citizens to administer his policies and oppress his adversaries. He would probably initiate a reign of terror to take revenge on his former oppressors, and citizens would continue to live in fear and anguish under his rule.

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Given Harrison Bergeron's emphatic declaration that he is "Emperor" and that everyone must do as he says, one could infer that society would continue to suffer, and certain citizens would experience similar hardships to the oppressive conditions under the current government. One could imagine that Harrison Bergeron would alter the handicap policy in some form but certainly take advantage of the situation to support his tyranny. Harrison Bergeron is depicted as a fearless genius who holds himself in high regard and is extremely ambitious. By declaring himself Emperor and demanding that people must do as he says, one could imagine that he would become a ruthless tyrant and take revenge on those who made his life difficult.

Harrison would more than likely imprison, handicap, or murder the agents of the Handicapper General or require other competitive citizens to continue wearing their cumbersome handicaps. As a cruel, selfish despot, Harrison would oppress his opponents and political rivals. Under Harrison's reign, the most talented citizens would be required to join his political party or suffer the consequences by wearing the heavy handicaps. Harrison would understand that passive, ignorant citizens are not a threat to his authority and would only free talented citizens willing to work for him. If this situation were to occur, society would remain in a similar situation, where people live in fear and anguish.

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