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If equality of rights and due process rights for all Americans have not yet been achieved, what other policies can be pursued in order to finally achieve this end?  

Where citizens do not enjoy equal rights, the fault may be with policy or with implementation. In the arena of policy, one solution which has been proposed is the passage of an Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution. The ERA has been drafted and redrafted with equal rights between men and women in mind, but it would be possible to include the rights of racial and other groups.

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The first point to consider is which Americans you believe are denied equal rights or due process of law and what rights they do not enjoy. The second task is to examine whether this is a matter of policy or implementation. There are many areas of American life, from access to higher education to incarceration rates, in which American-Americans, for instance, are clearly at a statistical disadvantage. This, however, does not generally appear to be a matter of policy. It may well be argued that equality of rights does not necessarily entail equality of outcome, and that the best that can be done is to ensure that existing policies are fairly implemented.

If you favor a policy-oriented legislative solution to inequality, however, you may wish to look at a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution called the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). The first version of the ERA was put before Congress almost 100 years ago, in 1923, and there have been various versions since that time. Its focus has always been on inequalities between the sexes, seeking to end all legal distinctions between men and women in areas such as employment, property ownership, and divorce. Many of these distinctions have been ended by other legislation over the last century, but the "Me Too" movement and the work of fourth-wave feminists have led to a resurgence of interest in the implementation of the ERA over the last few years. Despite its focus on equal rights for men and women, a version could be drafted which addresses racial and other inequalities.

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