If a firm has created value, is it also always able to capture that value? How does a firm create value, and then what must it be able to do to capture that value? What firm has been able to create value in recent years? Has the firm captured that value, and if so, how was it captured, and if not, why it was not able to do so?

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If a firm has created value, its ability to capture that value is not guaranteed, since the value that it created could be distorted. For example, WeWork appeared to have captured value by creating fun coworking spaces. At one point, WeWork was valued at $47 billion. Yet, as multiple reports and documentaries have indicated, it doesn’t look like WeWork ever truly captured that much value. In fact, at one point, WeWork was losing around $100 million a week. Thus, sometimes the value that a firm captures is the result of misleading press and discourse.

Other firms that have been able to create value in recent years include Alphabet (the parent company of Google) and Facebook. These firms create value by offering consumers an array of digital products, including a search engine, email, and a social media platform with around 2.89 billion users. These firms have captured value by selling advertising and by buying competitors that might have had an adverse impact on their future value. Google bought YouTube in 2006; meanwhile, Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014.

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