"The Idiot" or "Crime and Punishment"? I wasn't quite sure where to ask this question or if it's even a valid topic, but I just wanted some professional advice I want to get into Russian literature and I heard Dostoyevksy was the go-to author on the subject, along with the aforementioned novels. Which of these two would in your honest opinion provide a better read or get me started? Or is there another work of his I'm potentially missing out on? Is it possible to compare his work to some other heavy hitters like Jules Verne? Thanks for any help

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I think that Crime and Punishment is a good example of classic Dostoevsky. It's an interesting book and well-written. It is sometimes best to start with an author's most popular work, and then delve into more obscure ones later if you are still committed and if you liked the first one.
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I haven't read The Idiot, but I would have to say that Crime and Punishment is one of the most powerful and rivoting books I have ever read. I read it when I was about your age (about forty years ago), I remember that experience to this day. I can even remember where I read it and how I couldn't put it down. I would love, in fact, to take the time some day to go back and re-read it.

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