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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This story is about a young man and his dream of modernizing a school in Africa.  He has been chosen because of his energy and enthusiasm.  He wants to make a difference and bring a new ideology of technology and modern ideas to the school.  He immediately sets out to change all of the customs and beliefs of this village as well as the school.  In a backlash effect of the village he finds himself at odds with customs and superstitions.  When he realizes that the villagers are walking through the newly planted gardens of his beautifully landscaped school compound, he closes the path to all of the villagers and tells them to go around.  He states "dead men don't need paths" meaning that it is time for the villagers to stop looking to their dead and look forward to a new and modern world.  As fate would have it, the night before a big inspection by his boss, the villagers tear up all of the gardens and leave a mess.  When the people who hired him learn of the struggles between the school and  the villagers Obi is fired.