A school wants to know what type of music to play at the next gradeĀ  dance. How can they determine this?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If a school wants to hold and dance and they want to know what type of music to play, then they can do a few things.

First, the most obvious way step to take is to have some sort of poll from the student body. By doing this, those who are in charge of the dance will know what songs that the student body likes the most.

Second, the above suggestion is a simple step to take, but there are also problems. Often times the songs that students like are not appropriate for a school dance. In light of this, the faculty should act as another level of accountability.

Third, it is important to communicate the songs to a DJ or the person in charge of the music to make sure that they have the songs. More importantly, the DJ needs to prepare the songs in a way he or she can mix them with seamless transitions.

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