Identifying relationship among two sources help please? Thank you very much! What is the relationship that exists among the following two sources? What concept or idea do they both have in common? Did they occur in a particular time perioid? Source one: Source two:

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It seems to me that the pictures featured represent the vision and reality of Communism under Stalin's rule.  On one hand, its professed goals could be seen as laudable and worthy of praise.  This is something that is offset with its realities and what it ended up doing to human beings.  Both pictures help to show the vision it sought to give to the world and the reality it delivered to its people.  The first picture would be considered an excellent example of Soviet propaganda.  Praising and raising the farmer to the central position of the poster, allowing consciousness to be filtered through these eyes, the strength of the "party" is seen through its representation of the common person.  Yet, the other side to this machine is the second picture where death and stark detail accompany the growth and emergence of the Soviet machine, that crushed those deemed as enemies and showed little regard for human life within its own borders.

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