Identify your in-groups and your out-groups. How have your in-groups influenced the way you see the world? And what influence have your out-groups had on you?

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This is really not a question that we can answer for you.  It is very likely that I identify with different in groups than you do.  It is likely that out groups have impacted me in different ways than they have affected you.  In this answer, I will define in groups and out groups and suggest some ways in which you might think about how you want to answer this question.

An in group is a group with which you identify strongly.  Your membership in this group constitutes a strong part of your identity.  What groups do you belong do that really matter to you?  Does your race or national background matter a great deal to you?  What about your religion?  Do you play sports or play in the school band?  If so, do you really identify yourself with those...

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