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by Sophocles

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Identify the use of power creating justice in Oedipus Rex. I'm writing a composition and I have to identify one use of power creating justice in this play, I can't talk about injustice only the use of justice. Could someone help me with this please? thanks Joelle

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The most distinct example of power creating justice from this play comes in the murder of Oedipus father. For as long as Oedipus possesses power, his actions on the road to Thebes remain justified and acceptable. When he falls from his position of power, the murder becomes a crime. 

In retrospect, we see that Oedipus power served as the only definition of justice regarding this event.

Years ago as Oedipus made his way to Thebes, he encountered another man on the road. This other man refused to make way for Oedipus and Oedipus refused to make way for him. Ultimately, Oedipus drove the man off the road, able to use his superior strength to do so. 

O three paths and hidden groves and the 
narrow oak coppice at the triple crossroads, (1420) 
which drank my own blood from my father 
from my own hands...

This act was not deemed a crime (while the man was still not known to be Oedipus' father). Oedipus was the stronger man and so had the right to use the road, according to his own interpretation....

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