Identify the use of figures of speech, symbols, allegory, irony, and/or sound in the poem "Bully" by Martin Espada. Describe how these elements affect interpretations of the poem.

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One of the most powerful and pervasive techniques Martin Espada uses in his poem "Bully" is situational irony . This type of irony occurs when events unfold in a way that is opposite to what is expected. In this poem, a school that was named after Theodore Roosevelt and features a statue of the former president in its auditorium has now been renamed Hernandez and is primarily attended by Puerto Rican students. One must know the history of Theodore Roosevelt and the Spanish-American War to understand the irony. In that conflict, Roosevelt joined the US Army and fought the Spanish military on the island of Cuba. Others fought Spain in Puerto Rico. With the American victory, Puerto Rico was ceded from Spanish rule to American rule. The irony, then, is that Roosevelt once "invaded" Spanish islands, and now the Puerto-Ricans are invading his domain...

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