Identify two ways that Pi tries to kill a flying fish.

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In Life of Pi, when he is stranded on the boat, Pi tries various tactics to kill the flying fish that enter the boat so that he can use them as food or bait. When the school of flying fish jumps madly into the boat, Pi tries several different approaches, to no avail, before finally killing his first fish. Upon being hit by the first fish, he grabs it and tries to throw it into Richard Parker’s mouth in an attempt to placate the animal, but he misses, and the fish survives.

After the boat is inundated with fish, Pi attempts to capture them with the blanket he has on board. He has some success but is still unable to kill them—he has been a vegetarian all his life, and this act is hard for him. First, he attempts to hit the fish with the hatchet to chop their heads off, unsuccessfully. Then he tries to use the blunt end of the hatchet to pummel them to death, but he loses his courage. Finally, he simply resorts to holding the fish with the blanket and snapping their necks.

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