Identify two stakeholders concerned with the acid rain in the Boreal Shield and state what their position is.

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the stakeholders responsible for the acid rain in the Boreal Shield is the mining industry. The area around Ontario and Quebec is very rich in mineral resources and the extraction and processing of metal ores is one of the leading creators of employment in these areas. The mining industry generated revenues of over $4 billion according to estimates from the 1990s. As the mining industry is very important for the economy of the regions, it is very difficult for it to reduce operations to stop the production of sulfur oxides. The industry though has been trying innovative ways to reduce the release of sulfur from the ores as sulfur oxides in the atmosphere.

One of the ill-effects of acid rain is the damage caused to forests. Forestry is another leading industry in the Boreal Shield. The wood from the large stretches of forests in this area is cut and converted to lumber and sawmill products. The areas from which trees have been cut are then left undisturbed for the trees to grow back again. Acid rain decreases the rate at which trees regrow and also their quality. Though the forestry industry by itself cannot be called one that is ecologically friendly it is one that is facing the ill effects from acid rain due to the mining industry.