Lincoln's Gettysburg AddressIdentify two rhetorical devices Lincoln used in his Gettysburg Address.  Give examples.

Expert Answers
marbar57 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Two rhetorical devices Lincoln used in his famous Gettysburg Address are repetition and hypozeuxis.

Repetition:  A rhetorical device in which a word or word pattern is used several times to create emphasis. This particular device is one of the simplest rhetorical devices to use and easy to find within a piece.

Example:   . . . of the people, by the people, for the people . . .

Hypozeuxis:  A rhetorical device that uses many parallel clauses (or sentences), all starting with the same subject, noun, or pronoun. In fact, within the clause or sentence the wording is almost identical, there being only a slight rewording from the first one to the last.

Example:  . . . we cannot dedicate--we cannot consecrate--we cannot  hallow . . .

The Gettysburg Address has some of the most sublime language of any speech ever written.