Identify 2 main characters and give a description of each, including the function or purpose of the character in The Witch of Blackbird Pond.

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Kit Tyler is the main character who serves as the story's protagonist (good guy). As she is not raised a Puritan, she comes into frequent conflict with the residents of Wethersfield. Having come from a wealthy family, she learns much about the hard labor involved in surviving the rigors of colonial life. She is a good character for the adolescent reader who is experiencing normal conflicts with society and adults. As they seek to attain independence and become their own, unique personality, they must learn to cope with society's rules as Kit did with her wardrobe, doing back-breaking labor, and attending church. The reader also learns how trying to do the right thing (helping Prudence learn to read and befriending Hannah) can lead to unexpected consequences. There is one character that truly suits the role of the antagonist (bad guy). That would be Goodwife Cruff. She personifies the rigid, unbending nature of Puritanism and the superstitious bigotry of ignorance. Her abuse of Prudence and accusations of witchcraft against Kit make her the only, truly antagonistic character in the story. Primarily written as historical fiction for young adults, even history buffs can learn of the difficulties in life in the Puritan colonies.

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