Identify two important aspects of acid rain in the boreal shield?

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First, it is best to define what the Boreal shield is. The Boreal Shield is a stretch of wild land from Alberta to Newfoundland in Canada. This area includes: the Boreal Plains, Mixedwood Plains, and the Altlantic Maritime. In this area, there is a wealth of nature and one of the truly beautiful areas in North America. It covers around 20% of Canada's landmass and contains 22% of Canada's fresh water. In word, this is a very important area for not only Canada, but also the world.

According to scientists, this area is very sensitive to changes in pH levels, especially in Ontario and Quebec. For this reason, acid rain, which changes the pH levels is particularly detrimental. Scientists and other specialists state that acid rain is taking a toll on the land. They say that this might be weakening the general well-being of the growth and health of trees, which in turn can have other far-reaching problems. In addition, they state that they are seeing the aquatic life and other wildlife being affected in an an adverse way.





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