Identify the traits of Hamlet, with evidence from the text.Analyze Hamlet's character.

Expert Answers
Doug Stuva eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Concerning character traits of Hamlet in Shakespeare's Hamlet, I'll get you started and tell you where to look in the text.  Hamlet is:

  • Loyal (to his father--he is truly depressed over his death):  Act 1.2.76-86
  • Feeling melancholy, or depressed, and also very hurt by and even obsessed with his mother's hasty and incestuous remarriage:  Act 1.2.129-159
  • Politically and psychologically aware and astute:  Act 2.2.287-303
  • Self-critical, but also too moral to kill without proof of Claudius's guilt:  Act 2.2.524-580
  • Contemplative and capable of examining the larger issues concerning human existence:  Act 3.1.56-88
  • Takes personally people trying to "play" him, get information out of him, especially when they do it on the behalf of the king; he is insulted when they think they are smart enough to "play" him:  Act 3.3.324-350. 

The above represent a beginning of a listing of Hamlet's character traits.