In "The Cask of Amontillado," explain the double meaning of the trowel and its significance in the story.

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A trowel, which is the tool Montresor shows to Fortunato, has a triangular flat shape with a handle that curves above. A mason is a skilled workman who lays brick or stone by using this tool to place mortar or cement between the bricks or stones and to move the mortar and smooth it.

The masons that Fortunato refers to are a secret organization that has nothing to do with bricks and mortar. The secret sign that he shows to Montresor is one only members would recognize.

Therefore, when Montresor does not recognize the sign and Fortunato responds by declaring, "You are not of the masons," Montresor pulls out his trowel because he is indeed a mason. Although Fortunato is too confused to realize the significance of this action, Montresor has provided a devious hint of what is to come.

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Montresor refers to the skilled builder who lays bricks, 
and the trowel is an evidence.

Fortunato is a Freemason who is in a secret organization.

Fortunato is silly thats why he wears a clown suite, and that is another example of his sillyness.

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