Identify the three symbols in the film Finding Forrester.

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Firstly, there are, arguably, more than three symbols in this film. Also, it is possible to regard multiple objects in a scene as a symbol. I offer the following three: basketball, Forrester's apartment, and the letter opener.

Jamal Wallace (Rob Brown) is a black teenager who spends much of his free time playing basketball with his friends. He spends the rest of his free time writing in his journals. He hears rumors about William Forrester, a former writer who lives as a recluse in a building across from the basketball court. Jamal and his friends notice Forrester watching them from his window, but he is obscured from their view behind a curtain. Jamal and his friends one day plot to get into the apartment and steal an item. Jamal performs the deed and takes a letter opener, but he leaves his backpack behind. When he goes back to retrieve it, he finds that Forrester has corrected his journals. The letter opener...

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