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Identify three points of evidence that Santa Cruz presents to support the position that eating and body image disorders are on the rise in boys.

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Jamie Santa Cruz presents evidence from numerous studies, as well as information taken from interviews with pediatricians and psychologists, that boys are struggling with body image problems. First, she gives an overview of the results of a study: about eighteen percent of boys were found to have significant problems with their appearance, either wanting to lose weight or gain muscle. Then, she ties in information about the media, which often presents the male physique unrealistically. She also quotes a psychologist who refers to the media as an “equal opportunity discriminator,” a reference to the way it puts the ideal appearance of men as well as women on display as the norm. Finally, she refers to another study that reported the percentages of teenage boys who admitted to using enhancements to try to build muscle—from protein shakes to steroids.

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