• Identify three non- metallic elements that:
  • Are gases at room temperatures.
  • Are liquids at room temperatures.
  • Are in Group V.
  • Are in Period 2.
  • Would be related to chlorine.
  • Would have larger atoms than those of oxygen. 
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    There are 22 non-metallic (non-metals and metalloids) elements existing in nature. They are located on the right side (except for Hydrogen) of the periodic table starting from Boron (group 3A/13) up to the Noble gasses (group 18). To determine the answer based on the criteria, we can have several choices from the 21 elements thereof.

    1. Gasses: Can be any element in the noble gasses group and period 2 elements except C. (N, O, F, He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe, Rn, Cl)
    2. Liquids: Cl2 and Br2 can be liquid in room temperature but Cl2 gas tends to vaporize.
    3. Group Va elements are any element in the Nitrogen group. They are N, P and As. As (Arsenic) is a metalloid.
    4. Period 2 elements are any elements in the second period of the table. They are B, C, N, O, F, Ne. Boron (B) is a metalloid.
    5. All halogens are chemically related with chlorine. Halogens are F, Br, I, At. Astatine (At) is a radioactive element.
    6. Any element in the period 3 is larger than Oxygen. P, Cl, Ar, Br are examples of which.

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