Peace Like a River by Leif Enger

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Identify  three miracles in Peace Like a River.

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Unfortunately, I had to edit out the rest of your questions, as the eNotes guidelines are clear about allowing only one question per post. Peace like a River is a novel in which miracles play a prominent role, starting in the first lines of chapter one. Reuben was not breathing when he was born, and his father literally breathes life into his son. This is a picture of God in Genesis when He breathed life into Adam. A second striking miracle happens in the school cafeteria in the midst of public humiliation. Jeremiah has managed to become an enemy of Mr. Holgren and refuses to be baited into anger or retribution, even when Mr. Holgren fires him for no real reason. Mr. Land reaches out to the enraged principal and puts his hand gently on his face. When he removes it, all the angry boils are gone and the man's skin is clear and smooth. This is a picture of the biblical principle of treating those who abuse us with nothing but love and compassion--of literally turning the other cheek. The final miracle is the most moving, as it requires an exchange of life. Jeremiah makes a deal with God, asking Him to take him and leave Reuben--a totally healed Reuben--to live his life here on earth. This, of course, is a parallel to the sacrifice Jesus made for all men when He died on the cross to save mankind. In between these three are plenty more examples of miracles in the life of Jeremiah Land and his family.

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