Identify three characteristics of "The Stone Angel".

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By characteristics, do you mean themes or characters?  Themes include: Pride, Aging and alienation

"By pride, Hagar means a number of related qualities, such as stubbornness, rebelliousness, willfulness, and a refusal simply to respond naturally to her own feelings. Pride made her cover up her real emotions and reactions to people and events" 

"The indignities, infirmities, and fears associated with old age are continually present in the novel"

"Hagar's alienation finds expression in her attitude to religion and to God. She never declares herself to be an atheist, but she has no belief that the universe is under the care of a loving God."

For character descriptions, click on the second link, there are too many characters to list in this answer.  

If this does not properly address your question let me know.



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