Crimes of the Heart

by Beth Henley

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Identify the foreshadowing, plot, inciting incident, climax, resolution, exposition, complications, and protagonist's goals in the play Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley.

Henley's Crimes of the Heart consists of a plot that is made up of various parts including an exposition, inciting incident, climax, and resolution. The Magrath sisters and the Southern setting in which they reside are introduced at the start of the play, and the story ends on a positive note, considering the issues Babe and Lenny experienced throughout.

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The plot of a play is the series of events that establish its full story. The plot itself includes an exposition, inciting incident, climax, and resolution. To address the question concerning the plot elements within Beth Henley's Crimes of the Heart, consider what each element means and then relate them to the central story.

First, the exposition of the play occurs at the very start, when the characters and setting are introduced. To understand the play's exposition, consider how Henley introduces the Magrath sisters, their backstories, and their Mississippi home.

Second, the inciting incident emerges after the exposition. This incident pulls the main protagonists into the central action of the play. There are several issues addressed in the play, including Old Granddaddy's ailment, Babe's criminal charges, Lenny's infertility, and Meg's unsuccessful singing career, so consider what event really sets the play into motion.

Third, the climax of the story is its most intense point. When thinking about the play's climax, consider the evidence Zachary reveals and how that affects the other characters and the overall feeling of tension within the play.

Lastly, the resolution of the story occurs at the end when the main conflict is resolved. To determine the play's resolution, try to identify the problems that are resolved by the end of the play. For instance, consider who or what changes the characters' perceptions about Babe succeeding in her case or who or what alters Babe's suicidality. Also, think about whether Lenny's predicament affected her chances of forming a relationship with Charlie.

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