Identify the following concepts in "The Lady in the Looking Glass: A Reflection" by Virginia Woolf: the imaginary, the symbolic, the real, and the mirror stage. Include examples of the concepts and explain each.

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A rather pessimistic view we can shape of this story is that "the imaginary" is the false view Isabella has of herself as leading a meaningful or rewarding life. She has been all over the world in order to acquire things; she tends the wonderful flowers in the garden; she has preserved all the letters from people and kept them in the drawers in her house; and her furniture and rugs are beautiful. The "real," however, is shown to her by the mirror. When she looks at herself in it, she becomes empty, for it shows only her aloneness and the fact that she is aging.

The "symbolic" lies in what these external things have meant to Isabella—or what she's told herself they mean. They...

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