Identify Sydney Carton's role in the novel, physical description, and adjectives to describe his traits.

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John Gross quote 'Sydney Carton a far more, striking figure'. Carton plays the decisive role in the novel. Its Sydney who saved Darnay's life from the laws of death and gives immense relief to the affected family. As a man he was brilliant, he was talented, he was highly intellegent, he was noble, yet he was lonely man. In his school dayshe voluntarilt worked out the class exercises for other students, but had not mind. Then he took to drinking, but nobody ever saw him drunk. Even after taking large quantities of wines, his brain was sharp, and Stryver picked his brains to build up his own reputation and win the cases and to swell his bank balance. Carton's genius isolates him from the crowd. He had no ambition. He had no illusion about life. Never does he wear mask. Perhaps he exaggerates his faults and follies, when he told Lucy that he "Like one who died young". He told her that he is a wastrel, a profligate, a drunkard. Though he was addicted to wine but his moral sense was never daedened. Sydney as a man of action became a Christ like figure, sacrificing his life for the misguided humanity and dreaming of a better and nobler world. He expiates for the sins of the revolutionaries. Before facinf the guillotine, he inspires a poor seamstress, clinging to him for moral support. He calls her his sister and inspired her to face the death to have life enternal. and when his turn came, he quietly says, "It is a far, far better thing that i do, than i have ever done; it is far far better rest that i go than i have ever known".It was a voluntary self sacrifice, and hence there was dignity, there was humanity in his death, but no tragic pathos. Thus, Carton plyed an importat role in the novel, without him the novel would be flat. He helps to progress the novel. The novel supplies very gloomy and dark side dut it is Sidney who ends the novel with bright dreams ana positive hopes for the future.



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great novel by the way.anyway, he looks nearly identical to charles darnay(lucy manette's hubbie), except obviously his hair has a slight difference(and is usually not "tamed" by, combed). He is extremely intelligent, but wastes all of it studying under a lawyer- sydney carton is a lot better at his occupation(i believe he was an old lawyer? something like that anyway). he has sooo much potential as a human being, yet is a drunkard and wastes his gifts given to him by almighty God. At the end of the novel however, charels darney is imprisoned for being, or having rather, an aristocratic(rich) background and family.(remember though that his uncle monseinger offers him all of his wealth for when he dies yet he turns it down)so they throw darnay in prison, and lucy is left without him-so she goes to and finds him(check some of these facts about the book with sparknotes i dont want to steer you wrong- i read the book but some of it is a blur).well sydney finds out and know that carton was also in love with lucy manette-but she married charles instead:(.so, in the end, carton changes his ways and becomes the heroe by switching places with charles at the prison the day he(charles) is to be hanged-because they look alike, that comes into play. he could have waited for darnay to die and marry lucy yet he chose to really make her happy-he knew she loved darnay and therefore that is why he sacrifices himself for darnay and therefore for lucy. he demonstrates the fact that people can change and also he demonstrates his love for lucy by the greatest love- sacrifice. Jesus said," There is no greater love than this, that someone lay down his life for his friend." the story ends semi-happy on carton's part though, because he ends up falling in livoe with a woman also being hanged that day.there you go, hope that helps:)

-Philippians 1:6

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