In "somewhere i have never traveled" by e.e. cummings, identify the speaker in the poem.

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To answer your question, the speaker in the poem "somewhere i have never traveled" by e.e. cummings, is himself.  Cummings was an amazing poet, and most of the time, the narrator and speaker of the poems that he wrote.

In this poem, cummings refers to his profound and intricate feelings for a woman.  He refers to himself all throughout the poem, using his characteristically uncapitalized "i".  Cummings often threw conventional grammar structures to the wind, manipulating and ignoring as suited the meaning of his poems the best.  So, cummings, in lowercase i, speaks as himself in his poem, discussing his love for a woman.  He compares her to roses, rain, flags, countries, colors, spring, and as being as powerful as "death and forever."  It is quite a powerful poem, an incredible love poem.  I hope that those thoughts helped; good luck.

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