Identify significant Supreme Court decisions on First Amendment rights.

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There have been so many of these that there is no way to put a significant percentage of them on here.  For example:

  • Lemon v. Kurtzman.  This was a case having to do with the Establishment Clause.  It set up a test to determine what government actions that seem to favor religion are actually acceptable.
  • Miller v. California.  This one also set up a three part test.  This one determines what things are and are not obscene.
  • Johnson v. Texas.  This one struck down a law against flag burning.
  • Near v. Minnesota.  This one said that governments cannot, in most circumstances, exercise "prior restraint" to prevent a newspaper from publishing something.

Again, there are so many more that have been very significant, partly because there are so many aspects of First Amendment law.

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